Google Introduces New Link Redemption Program

Google has announced a new way for webmasters to benefit from purchased links. Starting April 1, webmasters and SEOs can submit their paid links to Google to ensure that they are receiving credit for them. Upon submitting the URL and a copy of the receipt, Google will make sure webmasters are dominating the search results pages faster than ever.

“Sometimes paid links can slip through the cracks”, says Matt Cutts, a member of the Google Web Spam team. “We try to credit all of the sites who buy links, but fall short sometimes. With our new system, the hardworking SEOs who spend their money on links can see their pages get indexed even faster, and see their sites move the top of the SERPs much quicker than before.” Google was originally on the fence about requiring receipts as proof. “While we don’t imagine link buyers would ever want to pull one over on Google, we decided to err on the side of caution by requiring proof of purchase.” Google did say they plan to allow for a bulk submission form for those who spend over $50,000 a month on links.

This is long overdue on Google’s end. It simply isn’t fair that those who dump hundreds or thousands of dollars a month on links have to wait as long as those who opt to build links organically. “It’s about time they did something to level the playing field with those black-hatters who create viral content, and harness the power of their audience to build links.”, said Jeff Baker, SEO Director at JC Penney.

Google Paid Submission Form

Keeping in the spirit of their recent “Caffeine” efforts, Google is going to try and reduce the lag time between putting up link farms and ranking for outrageously competitive phrases. Google has said that the plight of the link farmer is truly heart breaking, and that they want to “make things right with the link farmers of the world who are being muscled out by websites that have been steadily climbing the rankings over the course of several years.”

So far Google has been overwhelmed by the number of beta testers using their submission form. “We knew a few people were buying links, but we had no idea that it was on such a grand scale. If we had known this many people wanted to properly manipulate the SERPs so badly, we would have done this years ago.”

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4 Responses to “ “Google Introduces New Link Redemption Program”

  1. Andrew Laws says:

    APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!

  2. Lauren Cohen says:

    April Fools!!! I’m waiting to see if any consulting clients start handing me their receipts!

  3. Kelly Land says:

    OMG!!! I literally was cracking up when I read this. I needed this. Thanks.

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